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Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Can't NOT Give Them To Him

Look, corrections officer dude, I get that your facility is tough on the inmates.  I get that patients don't get certain luxuries.  I get that jail is supposed to be painful.

But, that doesn't mean you can not give a guy his Dilantin for seizures.  Your little trip to bring this inmate down to my ER could have been totally preventable if you had just, you know, given the guy his damn seizure medication! 

I know you know he has seizures.  You have the medication with the jail nurse.  In fact, how is the jail nurse allowing the corrections officers to tell her the inmate/patient can't come get his meds?!?!

It took two phone calls today (one from me and one from the doc) to speak to both the jail nurse and some other jail administrator in order to get this dude the ability to take his three a day Dilantin medications to prevent seizures.

Wanna bet I know who is paying for this little jailbird visit?

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