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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emergency Patient Groupie

So, there's this one guy who is in the ER constantly.  Ok, there are lots of guys (and gals) who are in the ER constantly, but this one guy is never a patient.  He's always here with somebody.  And that somebody is never the same person.  And that person is always a woman.

So, you say, he's kind of a "playa," right?  Always with a different lady?  Hmmmm.  I guess so.  But this isn't like the kind of playa (I'm way too white to use that word) who is going club to club, scoring nightly and moving on.  This guy is like an ER patient groupie.

This is more attractive than
that guy
At least once a week, he's in there with some other lady, holding her hand, and telling her, "It'll be ok, baby.  I love you.  You're beautiful."  Now, I'm as straight a guy as they come, but I still know a non-handsome man when I see one.  And this guy is definitely not a good looking fella.  Calling him "pear-shaped" would actually be a compliment.  And he's certainly not funny, charming, or wealthy.  I really don't know what all these women see in him.  Although, to be fair, the women he brings in aren't exactly winners themselves.  Often frequent flyers, they have black, rotting teeth (meth mouth), reek of cigarettes and alcohol, and seem to be ten to fifteen years behind where they should be on the maturity scale.  So, maybe he's just preying on the weak?

The lady he's with is always there for one of two reasons.  A) "Severe" abdominal pain, causing her to writhe, scream, holler, shout, cuss out nurses, try to pull out her IV, and just make a mockery of herself in general, or B) She's threatening to kill herself or is "unresponsive" when he finds her at home.

Does this guy have Munchausen by Proxy?  I don't know, but he sure loves women who end up in the ER.

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