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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Stoppable Force Meets Immovable Object

I'm amazed every night at all the people who come in because they get angry.

They're not just angry, though.  They are angry and did something stupid because of that anger.  Here are a few. . .

1)  After lifting the ice pack off the top of the guy's hand, I see a bump sticking up about an inch that's around two inches in diameter.  Turns out, the teenage young man had punched a BRICK WALL full force and broken the shit out of his hand because his mother wouldn't let him play his video games that night.  Brick walls are always gonna win that fight.
2)  Sixty-something year old man takes off loosely tied shoe to reveal a dark purple, swollen to size of a kiwi (literally), and blood oozing big toe.  His wifey hadn't done something he was expecting, so, rather than hurting his wife (because he's clearly such a great guy), he kicked a giant OAK CHAIR barefoot and his big toe took the brunt of the force.  That was one extremely broken toe.
3)  Youngish dude in twenties was told he would have to work the weekend.  He pulled out his pocket knife and threw it with blade open towards a fence post about six feet away.  The knife actually hit the post, but then bounced back toward the dude and sliced a four inch long by 3/4 inch deep gash through his calf.  (This was witnessed by co-workers who were with him in the room and laughing at him the whole time)
4)  Young teenage boy in room crying with mom bedside.  Pulled a stack of gauze off his hand to reveal a gash from his knuckles all the way back to just past his wrist.  That was kinda cool because you could see the tendons moving in his hand when I asked him to wiggle his fingers.  The kid had punched a tropical aquarium because his single mom was making him clean his room.
All of these people decided to do stupid-ass shit because they got pissed off at something stupid.  Now, I have a theory that most guys have, at some point in their lives, gotten angry and punched a wall.  However, I would posit that many of those people were "smart" enough to either not go at that wall full force or at least choose a wall to punch that was made out of drywall so their hand would at least go through it.

Hands, feet, and heads (yes, I've had people who bashed their head into something out of anger too) are always going to be a stoppable force when compared to chairs, bricks, and knives.  What the hell is wrong with people?

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