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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sooooo. . . Are You Going Home, Then?

*Pt comes to room via wheelchair for severe left knee pain x1 week with no injury*

The knee looked fine.  No redness or swelling.  Distal pulses and circulation were fine.  The patient just had pain.  She wasn't even yelling or screaming in pain.  She was pretty stoic.  Turned out the pain was just above the knee, but whatever.  Doc orders some x-rays and a Toradol shot.

NurseHubba:  I've got some pain medicine for you (explains medication).

Patient:  I don't want that.

NurseHubba:  Okaaay, well that's what the doc ordered.  What is it you're looking for? (Now, I think I know what she's gonna say: Morphine or that Dila-something med)

Patient:  Nothing.

NurseHubba:  You don't want any pain medicine for your 10/10 pain?

Patient:  Nope.

*X-ray tech enters room with portable scanner*

Tech:  Okay, I'm here to take a couple of x-rays of your knee so we can figure out what's going on.

Patient:  I don't want that.

Tech:  Wait. . . you don't want the x-rays?

Patient:  Nope.

Doc is informed and NurseHubba goes with him to talk to patient.  Never figured out just why the hell this lady came in to the ER, but she refused any and all treatment along with any and all screening exams.

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