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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Please Just Go Away. . .

. . . other people need this bed.  Sick people.  People who aren't perfectly fine!

I understand you came in because you were scared.  You started taking a new medication and started breaking out in a rash.  I get it.  Then you called your primary doc and he told you to come in.  I get that too.

But the ER doctor has examined you.  I've assessed you.  The triage nurse has assessed you.  You have a few red spots on your belly.  Yes, they are really itchy. . . but they aren't life threatening.  No swelling of tongue, lips, or throat.  You, yourself, are telling me that you feel fine. . . just itchy.  And you're already on hydroxizine because your doc thought you might get a rash.

So, when I discharge you with instructions from the doc to stop taking your new medication and to continue the hydroxizine, please don't argue with me.  Have peace of mind that you have been looked at by three trained professionals and nobody thinks you are in any danger.

Please don't go out to the lobby, call your primary doc, and have him call to interrogate us for sending you home. . . especially when he hasn't even seen what you look like to assess you!

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