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Friday, March 22, 2013

Yep, That'll Do It


*Relatively young woman in her 30s walks in to lobby complaining of her heart racing and "shakiness"*

Since she's complaining of something cardiac, we thrown her on the monitor and do an EKG, which shows Sinus Tachycardia around 130bpm.

Asking all the usual questions: When did this start?  Pain or pressure?  Dizziness?  Nausea?  Etc. . .

NurseHubba:  Have you taken anything today?  Energy drinks?  Medications?

Speedy Gonzales:  No.  It just started.

NurseHubba:  Ok, so no recreational drugs?

Speedy:  Well. . .

NurseHubba:  Look, I don't care, but I need to know.  What did you take?

Speedy:  Just some meth. . .

*JUST some meth!?!?*

NurseHubba:  Well, that'll do it. . .

Came to find out later that it was her first time every trying it, but she had been doing it pretty much all day.  She was eventually discharged and walked out, but she was sobbing on the way out because she felt really dumb for doing that.  People, please don't do meth.  Hope she learned her lesson. . .

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