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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wait. . . Wouldn't You KNOW That?!?!

Chief complaint of the day:

"I think I may have shot myself"

You don't know?!?!

Turns out the guy was cleaning up his house for family to arrive and was putting his rifle in the closet where it was out of view.  The guy needs work on his firearm safety practices.  Well, his thumb hit the trigger and the rifle fired.  The muzzle was pointing completely away from him and he had no body parts anywhere near the muzzle.  He just wanted somebody else to make sure for him.


  1. I see.

    He couldn't feel the pain or see any blood, because of the continual stimuli overload of all that ringing in his ears, and a diaper-load of neuro/intestinal/urinary reaction that was leaking down his haunches.

    Under the heading of mandatory gunshot reporting, I think I'd want to proactively notify local PD, to make a courtesy check and assure that none of his neighbors is slowly assuming room temperature somewhere downrange from your genius' closet. For realz.

    But I've never had an AD. Not that I'd know personally, but I've *heard* people can anonymously write other folks up for Honorable Mention on the Darwin Awards website, without naming the offender personally.

    This guy sounds like a future finalist there though.

  2. The rifle was a Ruger 10/22 and the dude lives out in the country surrounded by trees, so the chance of the round escaping his property were minimal. Regardless, we did call the cops. They came out to the hospital, laughed at the guy, then left.

    Odd thing is the night before, we had a gunshot victim who came in and you'd NEVER KNOW he was shot until he spoke. Walked and acted fine, but his tongue was all inflamed and so was the back of his throat. Shot with a .25 cal handgun. bullet went in his mouth and lodged in his neck. That guy ended up doing fine.

    After having him show up the night before without very visible problems, the doc wanted to check EVERY orifice in this guy "just in case." *facepalm

  3. As a trauma nurse in NYC, about 40 years ago, my mom had a patient walk in with a chief complaint of gsw to the left chest. After taking an xray, then surgery, they found the bullet lodged in his heart wall. It stopped the bleeding by filling the hole it created. One really lucky SOB. And he walked out after recovering from surgery (about two weeks later, back in the day).