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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Does It Last So Long?!?!

Ok, how the hell do you manage to have such poor hygiene as to make a room continue to be un-enterable for hours after you leave?

Even after scrubbing the room down with Sani-Wipes (waaaay more powerful than mere Clorox Wipes), changing the linens, emptying the trash, and spraying air deodorizer, the room still smells like an ashtray that's been sitting around full for months, body odor, leaky [adult] diaper, feet, dirty laundry, wet dog, and halitosis!

I know the room smelled just fine before you walked in there.  I cleaned it.  It was fine.  But, for some reason, since you left, every person who walks in there loses three layers of skin just by walking in!  You, my friend, need much more than an emergency room. . .

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