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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And Away We Go. . .

Hi.  I'm NurseHubba.

I'm an Emergency Room Nurse.  I'm also a dude.  I am not a "male nurse."  I'm a nurse.  And no, I'm not gay.  Not all "nurses who happen to be dudes" are gay.

This is my first foray into the blogging world, so go easy on me.  I've been reading some of the other ER blogs out there, and I have been really enjoying them, so I thought I'd give it a go too.

The title of my humble little blog is "This Is An EMERGENCY Room!"  If you have read any of the other ER blogs out there, you probably already know why I chose this title.  Before I got into emergency nursing, I had no idea how many people showed up to the ER for ridiculous problems that could easily be handled by either A) Taking a simple OTC medication and going to bed, or B) Going to see their primary care doc (and sometimes dentist) in the morning.  Now, I know. . . and GI Joe fans of the 80s know that "knowing is half the battle."

The other half of the battle dealing with the silliness, ridiculousness, drug-seekingness, and general tom-foolery that uses the ER on a daily basis.  Now, let me just say, there are plenty of people who end up in our ER that have true emergencies (infections, respiratory arrest or distress, serious cardiac problems, real traumas, etc), but there are enough of the others that make it worth titling an entire blog after them.

Lastly, for this opening day post (disclaimer time), please understand that the stories you read here are not from real patients.  They are exaggerations and embellishments in order to illustrate points that I deem necessary to illustrate (it's my blog after all).  Any similarity between any of these stories and you or someone you know are purely coincidental, and have no basis in actual reality.

That being said, enjoy, comment, and have fun!

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