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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ummm. . . Sorry?

*DING* goes the call bell for room 4. . .

Every time I hear a call bell, I get an impending sense of dread.  Is it one of my patients?  No?  Ok, good.  Oh, but that person's nurse isn't ready available?  Ok, let's do this.

*Enters room*

NurseHubba:  Yes, sir?  What can I do for you?

Grumpy Guy With Complaint Unknown To Me:  I have the hiccups!

NurseHubba:  Ummm. . . okaaay?

Grumpy:  Well?!?!

NurseHubba:  I'm sorry, sir.  Unfortunately, modern medicine hasn't found the cure for that one yet.

Grumpy:  This is bullshit!

*Hears nurses outside of room giggle*


  1. C'mon, Hubba! The cure for intractable hiccups is Thorazine! (It's true--look it up!) ps love the blog!

    1. I hadn't heard that before.

      Still, the guy was there for something else and just happened to start hiccuping. Not sure I wanna throw down on some Thorazine for that.

      Definitely learned something new, though. Thanks!