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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ANOTHER Ridiculous Phone Call

*PHONE RINGS*  9pm any day of the week has us running around like we're preparing for the apocalypse. . . In other words, it's really busy.

NurseHubba:  Emergency Room, this is NurseHubba.

9PM Caller:  Ummm, hi, I have a question. . . (when I hear this statement, I know it's gonna be blog-worthy)

NurseHubba:  Okaaaay. . .

9PM Caller:  So, I just took my blood pressure medication. . . (pauses)

NurseHubba:  Okaaaay. . .

9PM Caller:  Well, then I pooped.  (stated matter of factly)

NurseHubba:  Okaaaay. . .

9PM Caller:  Do I have to retake my medication?

NurseHubba:  WHAT?!?!

9PM Caller:  Well, I'm afraid I took my medication, then just pooped it out!  Do I need to retake it?!?!

NurseHubba:  No. . . No, you don't.

***Are people really this stupid????!!!!!!?????!!!!!

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