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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shaking My Head. . .

People are seriously jacked up.  Some of the things I see in this ER really make me question my faith in humanity.  A friend of mine at work (let's call him Nurse Burns) reminded me of this case (see disclaimer):

A guy comes in to us via EMS.  All we know from report is that the guy was assaulted, is pretty beat up and bloody, and has bilateral above the knee amputations and bilateral above the elbow amputations.  Anyway, the guy shows up on a stretcher alert and oriented being pushed by EMS.  Behind EMS walks in four local police officers in order to help the guy finalize some of the report for pressing charges. 

Yep, that's her
Well, after talking to the guy, the police, and EMS, we found out the full story of what exactly brought this poor gentleman in.  Turns out that dude was at a fast food joint with his girlfriend (who was probably about 250 to 300 pounds with missing teeth and, as you'll see, is both pretty strong and psycho).  While there, the she-zilla got pissed about something or other and decided to take it out on her electric wheelchair bound, quadruple amputee boyfriend.  

The story would end mercifully if she merely started throwing punches at him.  But, unfortunately, no.  The creature from the black lagoon grabbed the poor man by his crotch, and yanked him out of his wheelchair with one hand while beating him about the face with her other hand.  Once he was on the ground, she starting kicking a defenseless man with no arms or legs about the chest, back, belly, head, and face.

Luckily, all the guy had wrong with him were superficial wounds, and he was able to be discharged with only some minor wound care.  You know what?  He ended up sending the police away!  Decided not to press charges.  

Goes to show ya, not all domestic abuse is a dude beating a chick. . .

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