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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Now THAT'S Rough!


*Guy walks in holding bloody wash cloth over left shoulder

NurseHubba:  What happened to your shoulder?

Bloody Shoulder Dude (looking rather sheepish):  I got stabbed. . .

NurseHubba:  Okay, let me see.

*Dude's got four stab wounds in his shoulder, each about 1/2" long.  Bleeding is controlled.  Doesn't look too severe.

NurseHubba:  So, what happened?

Dude (still looking sheepish):  My girlfriend stabbed me with a short little knife. . .

*NurseHubba asking more questions and getting more details about the knife, etc.

Dude (even more sheepish than before):  Well, we like to have rough sex, and. . .

Knife wounds from rough sex?!?!  WTF???

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