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Friday, March 29, 2013

ANOTHER Stubbed Toe

It is truly ridiculous how many people go to an ER for stubbing their toe.  We had one who was a teenage girl, which always adds drama to the mix.
NurseHubba: So, what happened to your toe?
*Great toe looks relatively uninjured with the exception of the nail having been bent back a bit.
Teen With 'tude: I got attacked!
*Mom facepalms and shakes her head, giving 'Tude a dirty look.
NurseHubba: You got attacked?  What happened? 
 'Tude: A stupid chair decided to attack me!
*Now I'm facepalming. . . internally, of course.
NurseHubba: So, what really happened?
'Tude: That's what really happened!
NurseHubba (getting frustrated after a long night): So, what really happened?
'Tude: It attacked me!
NurseHubba (wondering if I'd get in trouble for slapping her): Just tell me what happened.
Embarrassed Mom:  Just tell him!
'Tude: Fiiiiiiine!  I stubbed my toe on a chair in my room and it bent my nail back. . .
People drive me nuts, sometimes.

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  1. I'll never forget the chick who called an ambulance at 3:00 am because she stubbed her big toe, THREE DAYS BEFORE, and it still hurt. Her fourth EMS taxi ride into town that month.