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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Sick Enough???

*Walking in to room to meet new patient, who happens to be a little girl with her parents and little sister.  After introducing myself:

NurseHubba:  So, what brings y'all in today?

Clueless Dad:  What do you mean?


NurseHubba:  Why are you here today in the emergency room?

Clueless Dad:  Oh. . . Ummm. . .

*Dad goes on about sniffles and a "little bit of a cough" for the last week.

NurseHubba:  Ok, have you taken her to see her pediatrician?

Clueless Dad:  What do you mean?


NurseHubba (getting very impatient, but hiding it as best as I can):  Her doctor.  Have you taken her to see the doctor?

Clueless Mom:  Oh, no, she's just congested.

NurseHubba:  So, why did you come to the EMERGENCY room?

Clueless Mom:  Well, she's sick, but we didn't think she was sick enough for the pediatrician, so we brought her here instead.


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