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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Add This To Your Bucket List

You just haven't lived until you've seen an extremely combative drunk guy/gal hog tied and carried out of the ER by police.

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  1. Cool. Got another good cop story that made my day. We had this asshole, drunk who was under arrest and was, of course, claiming to be suicidal . He was handcuffed to his Hill Rom bed. I was the float/trauma nurse and had been intermitently dealing with this guy to help out his nurse. I was headed out to triage when i heard a loud bang and then some commotion. I went down to the room and found the patient lying on the floor beside his overturned bed and two Taser darts in this drunk's back! I smiled and asked the cop why in the hell he had tasered this patient? The cop replied, "he was trying to escape!" My reply, "what, with a 500# bed handcuffed to his wrist.?!" Love emergency nursing!