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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sure, I'm Not Busy At All (sarcasm)

*This story comes from one of the docs I work with*

One of the hospitals he used to work at had a big ER bay with nothing but curtains separating the beds.

Well, it just so happened that three patients who were right next to each other all coded at the same time.  The doc is standing in the middle of the three running all the codes.  Obviously, there are nurses surrounding all three beds performing CPR, pushing meds, etc.

An older lady from somewhere else in the ER pulls back the curtain and sticks her face in, staring right at the doc running the code and says, "Excuse me!  Can't somebody get me a pillow?!?!"

The doc just pulled the curtain back over her face without so much as taking his eyes of his coding patients.

Well done, doc.  Well done.

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