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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buckle Up For Safety. . .

. . . buckle up for fun!  Oh, and, you know. . . your life.

Over the past several weeks, our ER has seen an influx of MVC (motor vehicle collision) folks coming in.

First of all, people do some seriously stupid shit.  So, I guess my first piece of advice is don't do stupid shit. . . you know, like driving 90 on a 30mph winding road.

My second piece of advice is don't be the asshole who tailgates.  I see a lot of people who get rear ended by somebody because they didn't have enough stopping distance when something happened suddenly up ahead.  You know who comes to the ER with injuries from that?  It isn't the guy who was following too close.  It was the person who was being tailgated.  So, don't be an asshole.

My final piece of advice for this little post is WEAR YOUR DAMN SEATBELT!!!  With this influx of MVC folks, I've noticed something.  I'm sure it's different everywhere, but thus far, I have seen this:
100% of the people coming in who were wearing a seatbelt have survived whatever crash they were in.
100% of the people coming in who were not wearing a seatbelt have died in one of our trauma rooms.
Now, I recognize that there are more variables out there than whether or not somebody is wearing his or her seatbelt, but I've gotta tell you, this is an important one.

So, to recap:
#1: Don't be stupid
#2: Don't be an asshole
#3: Wear your seatbelt 
Thank you.  That is all.

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