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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Am I Really?

Sorry you and your child had to wait three hours to be seen

Sorry your child vomited once at 8am this morning and was sent home from school (It's now 11pm)

Sorry your child had a 99.2 "fever"

Sorry there were people lined up in the hallway and stacked in the waiting room with silly little things like chest pain, GI bleeds, respiratory failure, and appendicitis

Sorry the docs and nurses had to make sure those people were going to live

Sorry your child was placed behind them in the priority list

Sorry we needed to stop people from bleeding out

Sorry we couldn't place you on top of the "to be seen" pile

Wait. . . No. . . I'm not sorry about any of those things

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry that the state's penal code prevents me from choking the charge nurse/area manager to death and impaling his/her still-warm corpse on a wooden spike in the main station as a warning to others when he/she goes behind my back, and places the non-sick nowhere-near-emergent child patients of whiny lazyass mommies in rooms ahead of more critical patients, due to directives to cut wait times, as opposed to treating people based on their documented acuity.

    But the supervising pediatrician discharged said patient on his initial visit in 35 seconds, and then ripped Nurse Knucklehead a new one for wasting his time, so it's all good.

    Pay no attention to the garotte in my scrub pocket, or that pointy-ended tree support pole in the corner.