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Friday, April 5, 2013

Can You Please Hurry?

*4:30am:  Thirty minutes after arrival for chest pain.  EKG unremarkable.  Initial Troponin slightly elevated.  Still waiting on other cardiac enzymes and blood tests.*

Impatient Wife: Ummm. . . excuse me?!?! 
Nurse V: Yes, ma'am?  How can I help you? 
Impatient Wife: I'm not impatient, but when are we going to get to go home?
*Nurse V explains [again] what the plan is, including the meaning of additional tests we are waiting for.
NOT Impatient Wife: Oh. . . well, we both have to be at work at 7am.  Do you think you could hurry it up?
Seriously, lady?  You brought your husband, who has multiple risk factors for ACS, in for chest pain and you just can't wait to get him out of there?  You came in screaming about him having a heart attack and crying.

How about if you just leave and let us take care of your husband, since you don't really seem to care now that the dramatic entrance is over?

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  1. "What? And be shown for a callous, selfish b*tch? No thanks, I'd rather sit here and alternate my workouts between Munchausen-By-Proxy and Passive-Aggressive cocktail, unless you screw up, and something bad happens, in which case only millions of dollars in punitive damages can ever compensate for my anguish."

    Thus we understand why neither longshoreman nor cocktail waitresses need neither Press Ganey scores nor malpractice insurance, and why both groups get treated better than emergency doctors and nurses.