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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Should Stop Answering The Phone

*Call from a 30 year old woman. . . yes, an adult*
NurseHubba: Emergency room, this is NurseHubba.
Mothra (high-pitched wail): Aaaaaaaaaah, it went in!  It went in!
NurseHubba: Ma'am, what is going on?  What's wrong?
Mothra: It went in my ear!  It's gonna eat my braaaaaaaain!
NurseHubba (sighing): What did, ma'am?
Mothra: The buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug!
NurseHubba: . . . .
Mothra: Wait.  I think it flew out. . . . Yeah, it's gone.
NurseHubba: Good.  So, you're all set, then?  
Mothra: Do I need to come to the ER?
*I gave the whole speech about medical advice over the phone, etc while trying to dissuade her from coming.

Fifteen minutes later, I see on the tracker that, in the waiting room, there is a 30 year old female who might have a bug in her ear. . .


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