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Monday, May 27, 2013

Really, Nursing Home?

*Received a call from a nurse at a nursing home around 5:30am.
Shouldn't Be A Nurse: Hi, just wanted to call and give you guys a report on a patient we are sending you.
NurseHubba: Oh, ok.  Go for it.
Shouldn't Be A Nurse: Ok, 92 year old male with moderate dementia.  No complaints, but we did his vital sign check at 4 and found his O2 Sats were down to 72.  We put him on oxygen at 1L, and got sats to 78.  Went up to 2L and got sats to 84.  Went up to 3L and got sats to 90.  EMS is about to leave with him, so they'll be there in a few minutes.
NurseHubba: So his sats are doing better now, then. . .
Shouldn't Be A Nurse: Well, no. . . after a few minutes, his sats went back down to 78 on the 3L.
NurseHubba: Alright, so you weren't really ever able to get his sats up.  Does he have any respiratory or cardiac issues?  Is he sick right now?  
Shouldn't Be A Nurse:  Nooooooo. . . but. . . He's a DNR *click*


  1. Why were they even DOING vitals at 4am on a 92 year old DNR patient? Probably the monthly check and he'd been like that for 3 days.

    We seriously need to go to "Allow Natural Death" over DNR. If he/his family wanted intervention it would be one thing. But....

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