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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Advice For New Grads ***UPDATED***

I'm posting links to three articles that I read today from Shepherd Of The Gurneys, written by Aesop.  These are specifically for those of you who are students now, are about to graduate, or have just graduated.

Aesop gives some good advice in these, and I really recommend you take the time to read them.  And, even if you're an experienced nurse, they're fun to read and reminisce about your own "new nurse" experience.  Ok, here they are:
Part I: Commencement
Part II: NCLEX, and getting a job
Part III: Doing It 
Enjoy, and take the advice to heart!


  1. Hey, thanks man.
    I just posted the final installment.

    Glad you enjoyed.


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